I had the honour of designing the creative and opening titles for FITC Toronto 2015. This was not a job to be taken lightly considering the calibre of designers tasked with this prior to me. It was really well received throughought the industry, picking up a Vimeo Staff Pick and a nomination at both SXSW and Cut-Out Fest for title design of the year. If you'd like to learn more about the process, check out the Art of the Title interview.
FITC 2015 Opening Titles ・ Music: ROB PLOWMAN ・ Photomicrographer: JIM MANDUCA
While putting together the opening titles, I was contacted by Jason White at Leviathan in Chicago. They developed an incredible interactive installation for the conference and were wondering if I could cut together a short interstitial featuring the creative I'd developed. Learn more about the installation here.

FITC 2015 Animated Banner

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